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09 Aug

How to Prevent the Damages of a Fiber Optic Network

Publié par Emily Twain  - Catégories :  #fiber optic network

The fiber optic cable, made up of by a hair-thin glass is typically very fragile. Although the cables have been designed to protect the fiber with a jacket solution, it can be more easily damaged than a copper cable. To ensure long-tern services to your customers, and get a good return on your investment, learning how to protect your fiber network is vital. There are many factors that may have an impact on your network. So how can you minimize the risk and prevent from the failures? This article has listed enemies of your fiber network as well as some solutions to you.

Squirrel Damage

Of all the animals in the world, almost all of our animal damage comes from little nut eater, but there is usually nothing we can do about it. Rodents, birds, monkeys and insects are all the reasons that may caused major issues with connections. There are more examples of animal attacks, making them public enemy number one for network operators. Once the damage occurs, it will impact service level, requiring immediate and expensive repairs. Thus the alternative jacket solution for aerial cables can minimize the risk of animal damage, which has been written in a blog titled “Whether to Go for Underground or Aerial Deployment”.


Human Damage

A solid fiber optic network can provide you with high bandwidth, reliable data transmission and long-term economy, however, fiber optic network run the risk of fiber damage, attenuation and even total network failure if cables are left hanging without the support of a good cable management by a professional optical technician. The common errors surrounding installation and planning can lead to connections that are prone to damage. For example, fibers can be cracked from too much tension during cable pulling. Therefore, during the cable-pulling step, always maintain the proper uniform pulling force on the cable. The following image shows the bend-insensitive SC fiber patch cord.

SC fiber patch cable

What’s worst, we’ve even seen the cables just left hanging down the outside walls of buildings, without any attempt to well organize them or to protect the fiber from wind movement and rain. The correct method of protecting fiber optic cables from damage is to follow best installation practice and using the right equipment.

Environmental Damage

For aerial and outside installations, the environment damage can be much obvious. The extreme climate and rapid temperature fluctuations will have a great impact on the performance and reliability of a fiber optic network, with weather, rainwater, snow, ice, fire or lighting all putting a strain on the network. This is unpredictable and you can never know what to expect during natural disaster. What we can do is to use quality components designed to meet the specific environmental needs of the installation will minimize risk. FS.COM custom fiber patch cords are offered with the first-class quality and low price. You can have a look at it.

Accidental Damage

The biggest pain and the most common cause of fiber cuts come from construction companies and excavators that don’t call before they dig! Pulling additional cables in duct may accidentally damage previously installed lines. Cables and terminations inside buildings can be broken by over-enthusiastic vacuum cleaning, while vehicles can take down aerial cables or poles. Scheduled road maintenance or other digging can cut or damage cables if they are not properly mapped and their locations clearly marked.

environment damage

In some remote areas, people sometimes cut the fiber and sold it in pieces. This doesn’t happen all that often, but it certainly happens more often than it should. When the fiber is cut, making the repairs usually requires that we dispatch a couple of body guards with our techs. By the way, it is worthless for people to sell the broken fiber cables as it’s not made of copper.


Whether caused by natural, impossible odds, wilds animals and angry landowners, to minimize the risk from the above damages is an ongoing battle. It is advisable for network operators to use high quality components, following best practice and continual monitoring will all help to keep it up and running, safeguarding services and keeping customers happy. FS.COM offers high quality fiber cable assemblies such as Patch Cords, Pigtails, MCPs, Breakout Cables etc. For more details, you can directly contact us.

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