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22 Sep

Effective Fiber Cable Assemblies For Data Center Solutions

Publié par Emily Twain  - Catégories :  #fiber cable assemblies

Recently many data center managers report that network problems occurring at the physical layer are generally related to the fiber cable assembly quality. In practice, the overall performance and reliability of a network is only as good as the cabling to which it is connected. Furthermore, minute variances in tight fiber connectivity tolerances can drastically undermine cabling performance. Therefore, to have well-operated fiber optic cable assemblies is essential for data center installers. Today’s article will provide some effective fiber cable assemblies for your data center solutions.

Push-Pull TAB Fiber Patch Cables for Easy Installation

With a special “pull” tab design, the Push-pull TAB fiber patch cables features push-pull tab connector that offers maximum accessibility in high-density installations. It has the same components and internal-structure with the traditional patch cords, except a tab attached to the connector used for pushing or pulling the whole connector. With this design, the technician is able to finish the installing and removing procedures with only one hand and no additional tool are needed. Cabling with push-pull patch cords all you need is one hand and no external tools are required. The push-pull tab can offer exceptional finger access even in the highest density environments. The push-pull patch cord can be inserted and removed by pulling or pushing the connector. These cables are available with OM3, OM4 and single-mode optical cable types.


Two types of push-pull TAB fiber patch cables are available on the market (seen in the above picture). One is LC-HD TAB fiber patch cable (left), and the other is MPO-HD TAB fiber patch cable (right). The LC-HD TAB fiber patch cable is designed for the LC-HD switchable and movable connector. The main body of the LC connector is of the standard size. The push-pull tab looks simple but it is linked to the latch of the LC connector. When the tab is pulled the latch will be unlocked easily and the LC connector can be pulled out from the patch panel without difficulty. It has been proved that LC push-pull tab patch cords can increase cabling density more than 50%.

With MTP/MPO connectors accommodating 12 fibers or 24 fibers, the MPO-HD TAB fiber patch cables provide up to 12 or 24 times the density, thereby offering savings in circuit card and rack space. The tab can greatly simplify the use of MPO connectivity when manual access to the release slider and rear portion of the connector is restricted. In this way, easy insertion and extraction of MPO patch cords can be achieved.

LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cables Help Achieve Effective Cable Management

Uniboot LC fiber patch cable is a kind of fiber patch cable with two fibers wrapped in the same strand of cable terminated on each end of the uniboot LC Optical connector. This uniboot LC fiber patch cable can provide easy polarity reversal, and no additional tools are required, which makes it an ideal solution to achieve more effective cable management in high-density network environment. The following picture displays the polarity reversal of a typical uniboot LC fiber patch cable.


With a more compact design, they can reduce cable management space by 68% when compared to traditional duplex zipcord assemblies. These assemblies contain two LC connectors encased in a common housing with one boot, terminated on a single, round, two-fiber cable, therefore allowing duplex transmission within a single cable. In comparison with traditional patch cord LC-LC, uniboot LC fiber optic cables can offer higher density and performance in most environments, which makes it a more and more popular choice in many applications.

Keyed LC Fiber Patch Cable for Data Security

Keyed LC fiber patch cable, or secured LC fiber patch cable, is a fiber optic cable type terminated with a special fiber optic connectors on the two end of the patch cable. This specially designed LC connectors can ensure the data security at the mechanic level. Keyed LC fiber patch cable is identifies by the connector color. Keyed LC fiber patch cable is just a part of the Keyed LC connectivity product family. It should be used with the same colored fiber adapters or fiber adapter panels. Each color of a set of keyed LC connectivity products represents a unique keying pattern that only allows matched color mating. This is how keyed LC fiber patch cable can provide data security for fiber optic network. A previous article (Secure Fiber Optic Link With Keyed LC Connectivity Products) of my has introduce keyed LC connectivity in details, kindly follow the link on the article title if you need more information about them.


Bend Insensitive Fiber Patch Cable for Lower Signal Loss

Bend insensitive fiber patch cable is the kind of cable that are specially made to handle bend loss issues during the cable installation. As we all known, signal loss is always a headache problem for most fiber optic network designers and installers. It is difficult to locate and weaken. Bend insensitive fiber patch cables are created under this circumstance. Literally, it tells us that this type of fiber patch cable is not as sensitive as other fiber patch cables. The secret lays on the fibers which is made of bend insensitive glass. More and more data centers and FTTH systems are tend to use these bend insensitive fiber patch cables, because they do not provide lower signal loss, but also build a much more durable and easy to maintain networking environment.


To help network infrastructure professionals perform smooth connectivity, this article demonstrates several high-quality and effective fiber cable assemblies, including bend Insensitive Fiber Patch Cable, Uniboot LC Fiber Patch Cable, Keyed LC Fiber Patch Cable and Push-Pull TAB Fiber Patch Cables throughout all manufacturing operations. FS.COM provides a full selection of fiber cable assemblies for data center intra-rack and inter rack applications. Besides, traditional fiber optic cables like LC to SC fiber cable, LC LC single mode patch cord, SC fiber cable, etc. are also provided. All the products including the cable assemblies guarantee a reliable and stable performance for your network. For more detailed information, please send your request to us.

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