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Decoding the Wavelength in Fiber Optics

Wavelength as we have been heard so many times in fiber optics, is not simply the term used to refine the color of the light. The light used in fiber optics in not the one that we can see by our eyes, as we use light in the infrared region which has wavelengths...

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Do It Yourself for Your Home Network

Due to continued questions on whether a home user is able to do his own cabling, or if they need to employ the services of a professional, this post is here to inform everyone of the information. For those who have little experience in telecommunication...

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Graded Index or Step Index Multimode Fiber

Fiber optic cable is the media of telecommunications infrastructure, enabling the transmission of high-speed voice, video, and data traffic in enterprise and service provider networks. We usually see single mode and multimode optic fibers available on...

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Polarity Management in Ribbon Cable Designs

To maximize the utilization of space and pathway, local area network (LAN) campus, enterprises backbones and data centers nowadays are migrating to higher-density fiber counts to meet system bandwidth needs. Thus, instead of loose tube and tight-buffered...

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