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Articles avec #fiber optic network tag

SFP and SFP+ Compatibility Issues

Recently, people have gotten the question about whether I can use the SFP transceivers in a 10g SFP slot. Users who purchase a 10G switch wondered if they could use SFP modules in the SFP+ slot (since they both have the same size and use the LC connectors)...

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Decoding the Wavelength in Fiber Optics

Wavelength as we have been heard so many times in fiber optics, is not simply the term used to refine the color of the light. The light used in fiber optics in not the one that we can see by our eyes, as we use light in the infrared region which has wavelengths...

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How to Clean Fiber Optic Connector

To keep the proper operation of the equipment, regular cleaning and maintenance is fundamental. Fiber optic connector as an indispensable component of optical network, is typically connected with a fiber jumper, then plugs into a switch or router. Telecommunication...

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