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  • To Push or to Pull, That Is the Question?

    26 janvier 2016

    Push and pull usually come as the opposite side, but in the case of telecommunication field, they definitely come hand in hand. Push-Pull or Pull-Pull cables are used for greater freedom in routing allowing for smaller bend radii in some installations....

  • How to Select the Basic Materials of the LAN

    08 février 2016

    Installing or designing network may pose a challenge as there are multiple optical solutions that meet the same specification or requirement. But by understanding the basic optical components and the specific performance requirements, you will be able...

  • How to Minimize the limitations on the Transmission Distance

    13 février 2016

    Transmission distance is the NO.1 factor that designers would take into account when deploying network because the exact transmission distance that fiber optic can support is usually limited by many factors. How to avoid this situation? Is there a method...

  • Structured Cabling or Unstructured Cabling Solutions

    24 février 2016

    40G network has replaced 10G lately and used worldwide, under this circumstance, 40G equipment like 40G transceivers and QSFP+ cables are required. Plan the cabling system in advance is the prerequisites to the designing of network system. The goal is...

  • 25G Ethernet Q&A

    19 mai 2016

    25G Ethernet, developed by IEEE 802.3 task force P802.3by is a newly proposed standard for Ethernet connectivity. After its appearance, the road to 100G is considered to be 10G→25G→100G. 25G Ethernet may be the quickest path to completion IEEE Ethernet...

  • 250um Loose-tube vs. 900um Tight Buffered Fiber

    02 octobre 2016

    Choosing the right fiber-optic cable has become more challenging than ever. Factors like the advent of new cable designs, suppliers, changes in fiber specifications, and the many claims of cable performance can confuse even the most seasoned network designers....

  • Cost Comparison : Single-mode Vs. Multimode Fiber Optics

    22 mars 2017

    There is the long-term debate between single-mode and multimode optics. From the data rate, link distance, and costs, people usually will calculate every single difference between them. However, this article will not talk about the technical distinctions...

  • Describing Cisco GLC 1000BASE SFP Transceiver Modules

    07 avril 2017

    Cisco SFP module, compatible with 1000BASE Gigabit Ethernet standard is a hot-swappable input/output device that can plug into a Gigabit Ethernet slot of Cisco switches and routers. Cisco, as a telecom giant supplies a whole series of fiber optic transceiver...

  • Introduction to CFP-40G-LR4 and CFP-100G-LR4

    28 avril 2017

    The C form-factor pluggable (CFP) is specified by a multi-source agreement (MSA) among many manufacturers for the transmission of high-speed digital signals. The CFP transceiver can both support 100 Gbit/s or OTU4, and 40Gbit/s OTU3 signals. The 40G and...

  • Basic Information About SFP Transceiver Modules

    21 octobre 2015 ( #fiber optic transceiver )

    SFP (small form-factor pluggable) transceivers, as one of the most useful technological advancements on the market are warmly welcomed by subscribers. These transceivers are some of the most reliable devices in the market because the designs are derived...

  • How do you turn your tech start-up into a global giant?

    17 novembre 2015

    Launching your own tech start-up propelled by dreams of becoming a paper billionaire is undoubtedly exciting - and relatively easy these days. But turning your "killer app" or web service into a global giant attracting millions of users and stratospheric...

  • Vivendi gets its way at Telecom Italia AGM

    21 décembre 2015

    The big Telecom Italia shareholder showdown concluded decisively in favour of French conglomerate Vivendi, which owns a fifth of its shares. Vivendi wanted to enlarge the board of directors from 13 to 17 members, with the four new spots being taken by...

  • Cloud providers to drive network security appliance sales in 2016, says analyst firm

    04 janvier 2016

    Cloud providers will play a major role in driving new sales of virtual network security appliance (NSA) in 2016, says Dell'Oro. Cloud providers will offer NSA devices to their business customers, with a particular focus on providing virtual NSA services....

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